Why women should be financially independent

Being financially independent simply means being able to earn an income that enables you to pay for your needs and wants. In the past, women were expected to put their ambitions aside and rely on their partners to take care of them financially. However, now women have access to education and other opportunities to earn their own money and take care of themselves. Here’s why it’s so important to be financially independent as a woman.

You become self-reliant

Being financially independent means you can rely on yourself for most things. Having to wait on other people to take care of your needs and wants can get a little frustrating, especially if those people are unreliable or having financial problems themselves. Being self-reliant doesn’t mean you never ask for help, it just means that you’re able to meet your immediate needs.

Empowers you to make your own decisions

Often women who depend on their partners financially don’t have the power or authority to make big decisions in their relationships. It’s easy to find yourself in a situation where your partner dictates and controls the situation if they are the one who earns money in the relationship. This makes it difficult for the women to share their opinions or make choices (even if the choices affect them) because they don’t have money of their own.

Preventing abuse

Unfortunately, a lot of women who experience abuse in their relationships, find it even more difficult to leave if they are financially dependent on their partner. Being financially independent means that you will be less likely to stay in an abusive situation out of circumstance and financial need. That’s why I encourage you to prioritise your education and career so that you don’t find yourself in this kind of situation, Choma.

Your sense of self-worth increases

Money isn’t everything but being able to earn and choose how to spend the money you make contributes to how you feel as a person. In other words, women who are financially independent tend to be more confident and have a positive self-esteem. This is because when you work towards your financial independence you get to appreciate and value your abilities and strengths.

Falling prey to scams

When you are not financially independent, you can do things out of desperation for money. This can lead to falling for scams and potentially unsafe situations. It’s important to look into legitimate ways to earn money and be patient with the process of building yourself up career-wise and financially. Remember to also look into certain job opportunities to find out if they are legit or scams – if something looks suspicious, it usually is.

You’re able to help others

Part of being financially independent is being in a position to help others gain financial independence too. While you don’t have to do this, there is a sense of satisfaction in being able to help your family and loved ones financially. 

Remember that financial independence comes with hard work and determination but the rewards are really fulfilling. Invest in yourself so that you’re able to contribute to your well-being, to become an equally contributing partner in your relationship and someone who  doesn’t have to depend on others in order to provide for yourself.

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