Why your breasts changes in the month

Have you noticed how your breasts can look full and plump one day, and the next not so perky? Well that’s because hormone levels change over the course of the month, and just as your hormones affect your menstrual cycle, so do they affect your breast shape and even size throughout the month. Here are phases of change your breasts will go through. 


In the beginning of your period cycle, your breasts may feel and look kind of big, lumpy and uneven. It’s nothing to worry about. In fact, during this phase your breasts are preparing themselves for possible pregnancy.

Softer and Smaller

Towards the end of your period cycle, oestrogen and progesterone levels drop. At this phase your breasts are likely to go back to their original size.  


Just when you thought your hormones have settled down, your oestrogen levels rise around your ovulation days (12-14 days) and cause your breast skin to be more elastic and plump. You’re likely to be impressed with your breast shape and size at this phase.

Full and Firm 

Right after your ovulation days (day 15) until the end of your period cycle, you can expect your bra to feel tighter than usual. Your progesterone levels would’ve peaked and so you may notice that your breast feel tender, look swollen and slightly veiny.  


In this phase, one breast might look different to the other. This is completely normal. Your oestrogen levels are at their lowest, so your breasts would lose some elasticity, plumpness and reduce in size.

As you can see Choma, your breasts go through the most during the month – mostly affected by the peak and crash levels of your hormones. This is normal and most girls will experience the same cycle of breast change. Remember to do daily breast self-examination. This way you get to know your breasts better and you’ll be quick to notice anything particularly odd. You can go to your nearest community health clinic to get a checkup as well. 

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