Youth Month: How your voice can break barriers

The youth is changing the future of our society. So, it’s important that society hears and protects the opinions of young people. Here’s how speaking up and using your voice can break barriers.

Decision making

Young people today are more empowered, more informed, and have the ability to have their voices heard more easily with the rise of social media platforms. The decisions you make today will directly affect you in the future. Being part of a program/movement in school, online or your community is the first step in becoming a decision maker. If you don’t use your voice, others will make decisions for your future and your life. That’s why it’s important to use your right to speak up and advocate for yourself, as well as your friends and peers.

Brings about change

Young people have the ideas, creativity and the energy to generate positive social change in society. Our generation knows how to fight for change. We have young people like Zulaikha Patel, who at just 13 years old, introduced the world to the power of her voice when she and her schoolmates marched against Pretoria High School for Girls’ racist hair policy. This movement not only changed the school’s hair policy, but also highlighted racism issues which are faced within schools.

Raises awareness

The purpose of youth activism is to spread awareness which then leads to action. Find a community online with which you share similar interests, and make your voice heard. Sharing petitions, joining campaigns, and organizing events for a cause you’re passionate about is all part of raising awareness. You can also spread the word by sharing content on social media or by organizing a peaceful protest. Campaigns such as Global Citizen’s campaigns allow young people like you to raise awareness and bring about change.

Giving young people the opportunity to be heard is imperative for our future. You have the ability to make a difference Choma- go on and make your voice heard this Youth Month!

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